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Activities: Spreken, Klompen en Fietsen 

At a national level? You and the kids are invited to join in some typically Dutch activities: a Speech Competition, a Klompenkunst-ClogArt-Competition and our Orange Bike Rides.

Of course the Film Festival is an exciting drawcard.

Fleur van Waaij - Klomp en Kunst (Clog and Art) - Catawiki

Or join the Big Dutch Day Out in Foxton, with the official opening of Dutch Week
- by Ambassador
Mira Woldberg, on Saturday 23 April. 

You can check out our Towns List to see what's happening in your local area.

Online: National Speech competition  

Two Topics: In English and Dutch  


For Year 9 - 13 students (12 to 17 year olds). Two categories:

  1. An Essay Competition in Dutch: "Wat kan Nederland leren van Nieuw-Zeeland?"
  2. A Speech Competition in English: "My clogs and my jandals" 

The pre-selection stage will consist of the entrants submitting a video of their speech.
The Finals are live on Zoom, on Friday 30 April. The Ambassador will join in. 

More info? Facebook: Speech Competition. Or  

Get into ya Clogs!

Nid De Pie Du Néerlandais Réplique Expédier Le Batavia Banque D'Images Et  Photos Libres De Droits. Image 15213401.

Klompenkunst - Turn the kids into artists

Would Opa en Oma have some old clogs lying around? Let the grandkids ask them if you can turn it into an artwork.

Or buy a clog or two at your local Dutch shop. Or make a fake one :-).

Bring them along to the Big Dutch Day Out, and they will get judged, and go into the Klompenkunst Competitie to win Prizes.  More info: Klompenkunst-ClogArt-Competition 

Mind you...! We will test on the local river if they can sail, or float (pulled on a string). They must be 'seaworthy' zeewaardig.

Een Klompscheepje. With a sail? Or just an arty one - een Kunstklomp!

Orange Bike Ride - In a town near you!


Across the country Nederlanders  are organising family friendly Orange Bike Rides to promote cycling as a sustainable means of transport for all of Aotearoa New Zealand to enjoy.

Hou je van fietsen? Are you keen to step on your pedals? Click here to see what's happening. 


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