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A Glimpse into Dutch lives

Liefde en Leugens  - Dutch Film Festival

Presented by the NetherlaNZ Foundation

Dutch movies are different. They love to explore the more sensitive topics. They like to make you think, and can offer an unusual experience for those accustomed to British or Hollywood fare. They definitely avoid the cliches...

Go Dutch, for a few enjoyable hours!

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My Father is an Airplane

When Eva’s mother unexpectedly dies, the life of Eva turns out to be built on secrets and lies. The fear of losing her mind, just like her father, becomes more and more threatening.
Eva starts a quest for her past, to face her demons.
Director: Antoinette Beumer - Rendez-Vous (2015), Soof (2013) and Jackie (2012)
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Mijn Vader is een Vliegtuig

The Promise of Pisa 

Promise of Pisa (2019) - IMDbThe story of a Dutch-Moroccan boy who tries to survive at an elite music academy in posh Amsterdam South, while his brother is in prison.
Based on the Bestseller novel, by Mano Bouzamour.
Director: Norbert ter Hall
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De Belofte van Pisa
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