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Smells like roses - Rozengeur

A Dutch New Zealand Olfactory art collaboration

Art/Olfaction: Raewyn Turner & Brian Harris, Claudia de Vos, Caro Verbeek, and Frank Bloem

Organiser: Oranjehof Dutch Connection museum trust

Gallery: Mapuna Kabinet Art Gallery - Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom, Foxton

Address: 92 Main Street, Foxton 4814

Timeframe: 1 April to 27 May. Plus 5 June to 2 July 2023 (Waitangi Tribunal interlude from 28 May to 4 June)

Co-curators: Raewyn Turner, Claudie de Vos, and Arjan van der Boon

Support: Yolande van de Wetering, Rachel Bush, and Jim Harper

Sponsor: Van Lier Nurseries - premium rose growers


Here's what's on display at the Olfactory Art Exhibition:

Raewyn Turner & Brian Harris exhibit three major Olfactory Art installations

Downwind - 20 pods that sense human presence, and respond by breathing smells on people as they approach

Towards the Mean - 23 cans with fragrant soil, placed on a finely balanced moving bar installation. A reference to an Expectations Augmented Phillips Curve that describes a balance of wages, inflation and unemployment. The bar moves as the public take out a spoonful of soil to have a smell (consumption)

Waiting Room - Referring to COVID's parosmia and its distortion of smells, the work reflects on inertia and waiting, punctuated by ticking of kinetic pendulums - measured by the chaotic motion of a double pendulum clock, inflused with fragrances and rose petals.


Claudia de Vos exhibits scented video-scaped and Olfactory art

Mosmeisje / Moss girl - An atmospheric video-scape that evokes a virtual brain shower. Plus a photographic composition on a velvet tapestry, in relief, with an integrated fragrance system. Scent: (prime note) oakmoss (evernia prunastri), with an aphrodisiac  'animal musk' component.

A single Pine | Olfactory tapestry - A photographic image on cloth, with the integrated natural scent of pine (essential oil Pinus sylvestris)

Gaia - An atmospheric video-scape, a virtual brain shower, combined with the scent of Pine (essential oil Pinus sylvestris)


Frank Bloem brings in one of his Snifferoo projects

Embassee of the North Sea - 40 Scents from in and around the North Sea were collected and created for the Embassy of the North Sea. Frank worked for a year on scents like wood, cockle, crab, sea lettuce, sun lotion, and lemonade. 



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