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De Molen

Experience a little piece of the Netherlands. Have fun climbing the steps to the platform of the windmill, overlooking Foxton. Or venture even higher, to see the how the huge millstones grind flour.

De Molen was built with drawings from the 17th century. Reaching some 30 meters into the sky, the creaking and turning blades are truly impressive on a windy day.

This full-size operational Dutch Windmill is open to the public. Take a tour of the upper levels and working parts of the mill. Or get a guided tour, and have a chat with the miller. For group visits we recommended prior arrangement.

De Molen Windmill and Dutch Deli

The ground floor of de Molen is the home to a Dutch Deli. You can purchase stone ground flour, milled right here in de Molen, along with yummy Dutch groceries like liquorice, imported Dutch cheeses, croquettes, eel plus much more!

You can easily spend a few hours here. We’re next-door to the Oranjehof Dutch Connection Centre – the museum where all things Dutch come together. All part of Te Awahou Riverside Cultural Park

Come and visit De Molen: 96 Main Street, Foxton

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